Past, Present, & Future

Digital Art, Graphic


Rags and riches were prominent on everyone’s minds throughout the recently ended year of 2012 – although I gather this consensus by way of my modest-in-size network of Facebook friends. Good riddance! was snarled about.   [But this is not to say that citizens should stay silent.] However, I had made a semi-conscious decision to avoid politics in the media, thereby providing some form of inoculation from the grip of mob mentalities.  I had grown tired of the scene.  Wanting instead to not only devote more time to become more skillful artistically, I also hoped to discover a truer and more personal authenticity in how I communicate.

While I may not be able to claim that 2012 as the year that all I wanted to accomplish was realized, the realizations that happened along my way will be coveted in the time I have ahead.  I’ll be happy if they help me to become a better person.

If these realizations help me as an artist, I’ll be over the moon.

And with that, I wish all a gratifying 2013.

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