About The Projects Series


About Me:

In Stonington Village, where I was raised, there were Boho types all around me – there were my parents, my parents’ friends and neighbors… I was surrounded.  Writers, fine artists and gallery owners, photographers: They all found their way inside me and my destiny was more or less sealed. Either I create, or else I negate.

My Own Art Education:

In my mid-teens and for some years following, I played both artist and artists’ muse.   Posing for photographers and painters paid well but could be tedious to a young girl who would sooner be at the next party. Enmeshed in the emerging punk scene at that time, I soon found myself creating posters and logos for garage bands.  Cutting and pasting typeface in that era meant literally cutting and pasting – or, dry transferring – onto paper.  Art was copied on Xerox machines and was then plastered on public walls… at night… in clandestine anarchy.

My father Edward, who had once worked in commercial photography, learned much of his craft by seeking out mentors. I actually love academics – but like my dad, I’m not at all comfortable in formal institutions.  I’ve been truly fortunate in my alliances. Really, if only I could list every name of every one here.

Entering the Digital Age:

Back in the late Nineties, I inherited a second-hand-jalopy [really] of a home computer. Actually, ideally suited for me because I didn’t have any technical skills whatsoever. As this equipment was on its last legs, I was fearless when it came to learning how it all worked – from poking around the hardware to many program experimentations. I found some niche work with a local gallery in promoting exhibitions which I enjoyed immensely.

Although I never really outgrew that restless teen nature… In 2015, I felt a seismic shift to return to the traditional applications of art. This new focus occasionally strikes me as insane; akin to a fantastical notion of reversing time, in some manner. Yet I’m a strong advocate in that, if compelled, we’re all able to reinvent ourselves.

So rather than establishing myself in any one creative field, the title of Projects Series is intentional in that it conveys both everything and nothing.  These works are labors of love. Without a doubt.

Jeni Moore

Mystic, CT

A thumbnail image of the book design "Art is Work" by Milton Glaser

Art is Work

Above, my hero. More on this book can be found at The Overlook Press.

Photo of Jeni Moore

This is me. And, yes, blah blah blah!



















While I’d rather not have to post the following, as I would like to believe that the traditional honor system is alive and well… however…

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One thought on “About The Projects Series

  1. What a wonderful and inspiring website! Your art is a total delight and your accompanying comments very helpful in revealing how, why, and when you made the art. I also loved hearing about the boho community of your childhood. An absolute joy for viewing early in my day! Rock on!!!

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