Ask not what your Pug can do for you…

Digital Art

When I first adopted my pug, Henry, he opened my life as I knew it immeasurably. Words that come to mind when I think of him include: strong, loving, jaunty, solid, curious, amusing, & so good by nature. But then in these past couple of years his good health diminished. It was up to me to be his eyes, his ears, and at times, his legs. Henry’s nature was also seemingly indefatigable – and this image of him that I created is my homage, as my spirited memories of Henry will live on.

Vector illustration of a pug.

My pug, Henry.

Taking Steps

Digital Art, Graphic

I have two fantastic nephews and both [not surprisingly] have their own creative interests. The older of the two is starting his first year in an out-of-state college tomorrow and this makes me both ecstatic and miserable at once. Wanting to boast, but also wanting to protect his privacy, I will only say his initials are “CEC” – hence his own copyright in this digital art I created for him.


Past, Present, & Future

Digital Art, Graphic


Rags and riches were prominent on everyone’s minds throughout the recently ended year of 2012 – although I gather this consensus by way of my modest-in-size network of Facebook friends. Good riddance! was snarled about.   [But this is not to say that citizens should stay silent.] However, I had made a semi-conscious decision to avoid politics in the media, thereby providing some form of inoculation from the grip of mob mentalities.  I had grown tired of the scene.  Wanting instead to not only devote more time to become more skillful artistically, I also hoped to discover a truer and more personal authenticity in how I communicate.

While I may not be able to claim that 2012 as the year that all I wanted to accomplish was realized, the realizations that happened along my way will be coveted in the time I have ahead.  I’ll be happy if they help me to become a better person.

If these realizations help me as an artist, I’ll be over the moon.

And with that, I wish all a gratifying 2013.

Part of Life

Digital Art

Image of bass guitar seen by punk angel

Ruler of the Ragged

Conversed feet and muscle tees/the rulers’ anti-uniform uniforms

you as one of four local

rockets of the night


the call to jettison those creaking joints

Most tempered on the line

before launch and well after fan flared

from everyboy to everyman

I was touched in that you

seemed to have no idea


Honored in my duty if

only to clear the avenues

Rewards of thunder

we, all youth and ragged

responded to the revolt

deft in those chords

acceleration from the front line

hundreds of feet in converse


From your Ring of Fire recruited

for Pistols and Pins – are you

still laughing at that now?

Then blown from these

dry docks stateside

over to adoration of

Tokyo’s own ragged

rebel young mania

We all claimed vindication

rightful or not


Out of my own arrogance

I command you now to

stop apologies to comrades

you left behind.

Active duty is over, boy

Most humble, Believe

this as honor without end.

[In memory of Steve Kaika. b. 02.11.55 d.06.12.12]

Easter Edie

Digital Art

An earlier series of mine featured a llama, among various cohorts. As though they were staged, such as what I got with “Easter Edie”. These vignettes remind me now of puppet theaters in their composition.  Horizons seem important to me, without my having been very conscious of that. This is not to say Puppet Theaters! from here on; who knows? Anyway, I’ve repurposed an egg – all ready for Easter now.  Edie Sedgwick came by way of a photo taken by David McCabe. [While I was previously intent on adding rabbit ears to her, I no longer feel that compulsion.  J’ai fini.]

Urban Scene

Digital Art, Graphic

Don’t get me wrong – I admire the work of architect Frank Gehry.  Defying traditions, the twisting of masses of steel and glass…

The Beekman Tower, part of which I used above, and for all I know, may be viewed by many as just edging NYC closer to becoming an exclusive, gated community.

Then there is my global greivance, which has nothing to do with Gehry: Bulldozers digging up virgin land to make way for shopping centers, especially when we cannot support the ones we have.

Special thanks to the artists behind the Photoshop tree brushes:
Lady Victoire