Sveta Sketch


From Harper’s Bazaar March 2018 issue, I got hooked on this Amy Troost photo of model Sveta Black. While Sveta wears this white, um – ensemble[?] by designer Rick Owens, it is the look on her face that compelled me to sketch. With some alterations – of course!

Pencil sketch of a white Rick Owens outfit as worn by model Sveta Black

Sveta Black in Rick Owens, 2018

Take Heart!

Seasonal Designs

Yes, friends: Take heart! I had wanted to post this image in time so that it would be visible on or before Christmas Day… However, due to holiday chaos and intergalatic tomfoolery – as well as other hits which I’d just as soon not mention – I didn’t meet that mark. And being late for anything is not something that I am generally known as being.

Oh well.

Voila! With wishes to you all of peace, wellness, & merriment, Jeni Moore

Depiction of vivid fantasy shoes, sketched in color pencils. Behind the shoes, a gyro-globe compass.

Take Heart! & Give Heart…

Polythene Projects

Seasonal Designs

Yes, I miss paint brushes and actual paint palettes. [Tis the season!] Although, my latest endeavor which I call Polythene Projects is also a kick! Having gathered all or most of the beading inventory, which is fairly massive, I began vending with the coolest chick friend at a weekend open market.

This Saturday, a return to:

A listing of items to be sold at the Stonington Velvet Mill

Velvet Mill Promo

“Brought to Light”: The Book

Brushwork, Graphic, Projects Series

Over the 2016 holidays, my sister Nell and I thought that we should collect some of our mother’s wonderful poetry and publish an illustrated book – and then surprise Mom with this for Christmas. Nell and I didn’t have a great deal of time to pull this off – and online publishing was uncharted territory. But, we did it! Some needed revisions followed… However, we now honor our mother, Ann Goldthwaite Moore, with her first book of poetry. And this book is now officially available to the public for purchase.

Image of poetry book cover called Brought to Light, written by Ann Goldthwaite Moore and illustrated by Jeni Moore

Find “Brought to Light” Here


Graphic, Projects Series

Since its inception, I never intended to use Projects Series as a political platform. While, yes, there may be one or two posts that suggest my views concerning social causes – however subtle in tone. But now is the time to step out of my comfort zone. The U.S. has one Mother of a cause and It is vile.

In all honesty, this illustration wasn’t meant to depict a Pussy hat. Rather, it took on a life of its own in the process. A divine intervention? Yes: Hardcore intervention is needed ASAP. Let’s go kick some butt. Seriously.

A colored pencil illustration of a woman wearing a Pussy hat that is adorned with elements of nature.


Melon Matrix


Yeah. Juicy, eh? Both the top and bottom panels of this gouache measure at 7.5″ wide by 5.5″ in height. Melons as muse? Must be a desire for summer…

abstract-surreal gouache diptych of melon wedges with a long screw running from bottom to top


A Poppy in Triptych


When in bloom, the sight of poppy flowers recharge my spirit. In this watercolor I came across a stunning image of one and, in a sense, dissected the center and surrounding petals.  [Each panel measures about 7″ wide by 3″ in height.]

Poppy Triptych

Poppy Triptych

Dreams Objects Moments by Pati Hill

Brushwork, Graphic

Pati Hill. Such a small name for a woman whose artistic and literary works were so varied and unusually sublime. In 1976, Pati had published a book [with the help of Kornblee Gallery] entitled “Dreams Objects Moments”. And while she had been a remarkable friend to me throughout my life, I hadn’t really delved all that deeply into many of her creative accomplishments up until this past decade. Within this particular book, I was especially taken with this quote – which I painted and lettered, freehand:

From Pati Hill's "Dreams Objects Moments"

Inspired by Pati Hill’s “Dreams Objects Moments”

Ziegfield Moon

Photo montage of Ziegfield girl against starry night sky and over the moon

Ziegfield Moon

Ziegfield Moon

I had purchased some Pomegranate Publications©  postcards a couple of years ago, but one among the few had haunted me. In a good way, that is.

I had to work with this unnamed girl. And so I did.

After composing “Ziegfield Moon”, I studied the text side of this postcard and found, through a search online, that Pomegranate had made a typo in attributing this photo to “Cheney Johnson”. The photographer’s last name is actually Johnston.  And while Pomegranate had come by this image by way of the Motion Picture and Photo Archive, I could not find this particular girl within their online collection.

Taking Steps

Digital Art, Graphic

I have two fantastic nephews and both [not surprisingly] have their own creative interests. The older of the two is starting his first year in an out-of-state college tomorrow and this makes me both ecstatic and miserable at once. Wanting to boast, but also wanting to protect his privacy, I will only say his initials are “CEC” – hence his own copyright in this digital art I created for him.