Dreams Objects Moments by Pati Hill

Brushwork, Graphic

Pati Hill. Such a small name for a woman whose artistic and literary works were so varied and unusually sublime. In 1976, Pati had published a book [with the help of Kornblee Gallery] entitled “Dreams Objects Moments”. And while she had been a remarkable friend to me throughout my life, I hadn’t really delved all that deeply into many of her creative accomplishments up until this past decade. Within this particular book, I was especially taken with this quote – which I painted and lettered, freehand:

From Pati Hill's "Dreams Objects Moments"

Inspired by Pati Hill’s “Dreams Objects Moments”

Ziegfield Moon

Photo montage of Ziegfield girl against starry night sky and over the moon

Ziegfield Moon

Ziegfield Moon

I had purchased some Pomegranate Publications©  postcards a couple of years ago, but one among the few had haunted me. In a good way, that is.

I had to work with this unnamed girl. And so I did.

After composing “Ziegfield Moon”, I studied the text side of this postcard and found, through a search online, that Pomegranate had made a typo in attributing this photo to “Cheney Johnson”. The photographer’s last name is actually Johnston.  And while Pomegranate had come by this image by way of the Motion Picture and Photo Archive, I could not find this particular girl within their online collection.

Taking Steps

Digital Art, Graphic

I have two fantastic nephews and both [not surprisingly] have their own creative interests. The older of the two is starting his first year in an out-of-state college tomorrow and this makes me both ecstatic and miserable at once. Wanting to boast, but also wanting to protect his privacy, I will only say his initials are “CEC” – hence his own copyright in this digital art I created for him.


Past, Present, & Future

Digital Art, Graphic


Rags and riches were prominent on everyone’s minds throughout the recently ended year of 2012 – although I gather this consensus by way of my modest-in-size network of Facebook friends. Good riddance! was snarled about.   [But this is not to say that citizens should stay silent.] However, I had made a semi-conscious decision to avoid politics in the media, thereby providing some form of inoculation from the grip of mob mentalities.  I had grown tired of the scene.  Wanting instead to not only devote more time to become more skillful artistically, I also hoped to discover a truer and more personal authenticity in how I communicate.

While I may not be able to claim that 2012 as the year that all I wanted to accomplish was realized, the realizations that happened along my way will be coveted in the time I have ahead.  I’ll be happy if they help me to become a better person.

If these realizations help me as an artist, I’ll be over the moon.

And with that, I wish all a gratifying 2013.

Urban Scene

Digital Art, Graphic

Don’t get me wrong – I admire the work of architect Frank Gehry.  Defying traditions, the twisting of masses of steel and glass…

The Beekman Tower, part of which I used above, and for all I know, may be viewed by many as just edging NYC closer to becoming an exclusive, gated community.

Then there is my global greivance, which has nothing to do with Gehry: Bulldozers digging up virgin land to make way for shopping centers, especially when we cannot support the ones we have.

Special thanks to the artists behind the Photoshop tree brushes:
Lady Victoire