Take Heart!

Seasonal Designs

Yes, friends: Take heart! I had wanted to post this image in time so that it would be visible on or before Christmas Day… However, due to holiday chaos and intergalatic tomfoolery – as well as other hits which I’d just as soon not mention – I didn’t meet that mark. And being late for anything is not something that I am generally known as being.

Oh well.

Voila! With wishes to you all of peace, wellness, & merriment, Jeni Moore

Depiction of vivid fantasy shoes, sketched in color pencils. Behind the shoes, a gyro-globe compass.

Take Heart! & Give Heart…

Polythene Projects

Seasonal Designs

Yes, I miss paint brushes and actual paint palettes. [Tis the season!] Although, my latest endeavor which I call Polythene Projects is also a kick! Having gathered all or most of the beading inventory, which is fairly massive, I began vending with the coolest chick friend at a weekend open market.

This Saturday, a return to:

A listing of items to be sold at the Stonington Velvet Mill

Velvet Mill Promo