Revisiting the Arch Series

Brushwork, Projects Series

It was in February 2016 when I first announced – online, here – that I was devoting myself to the traditional mediums with my art. Although, originally the idea had been to pursue combining paintings with digital imagery. [See: Brushwork] Which didn’t actually pan out, exactly.

Anyway, rather than include this piece in the Diaphanous collection, I feel it speaks more of the Arch series due to the mirroring, et al. Painted with watered Gelatos, it measures 9 ¾” x 6”. Is this dawn and dusk at an intersection?

Gelato painting of two streams of cloth against a lime green background.

Arch 17-01

A Return to the Diaphanous Series

Brushwork, Projects Series

In this painting, I have photographer Jorge Badura to thank. Harper’s Bazaar, in their November 2016 issue, called in Badura to photograph an editorial that had featured a group of fantastic, skyscraper scaling, aerialists who took to the skies while dressed in haut coutures.

Hence the title: Diaphanous Scaling [“Gelato” painting, 14″ x 10″]

A Gelatos medium painting featuring billowy skirts in hues of gold and orange that are set against a blue sky

Diaphanous Scaling


Graphic, Projects Series

Since its inception, I never intended to use Projects Series as a political platform. While, yes, there may be one or two posts that suggest my views concerning social causes – however subtle in tone. But now is the time to step out of my comfort zone. The U.S. has one Mother of a cause and It is vile.

In all honesty, this illustration wasn’t meant to depict a Pussy hat. Rather, it took on a life of its own in the process. A divine intervention? Yes: Hardcore intervention is needed ASAP. Let’s go kick some butt. Seriously.

A colored pencil illustration of a woman wearing a Pussy hat that is adorned with elements of nature.


Tod A. as Muse – and Why?

Projects Series

I didn’t know who a Tod A. was until a couple of months ago. Nor had I been acquainted with his band Firewater… [I’m usually late for the proverbial party.] However he doesn’t know me either. Furthermore, he doesn’t know that the Firewater album “Ponzi Scheme”  – released by Universal in 1998 – has been fueling me at conspicuous frequency lately.

Tod A. is an expat and has been since the George W. Bush years. Given the present American landscape, need I say more? Maybe a 5.5” x 8.5” in strictly No. 2 pencil doesn’t do him justice. I gave it my best anarchist try…

Pencil sketch portrait of singer Tod A.

Cavalli Captured in “Free Fall”


Rita Ora is featured within “Paper” magazine’s October issue, wearing a Roberto Cavalli dress – which in reality is what I would call a peacock-blue color. While Rita is a sensation, that Cavalli dress just had to taken for my Diaphanous series. And whatever the blue that it is, I rendered it instead in orange. The two alien objects depicted were taken from the same editorial [photographed by Nicolas Moore – no relation] are tracings from Rita’s zig zag bobby pinned crown.

cavalli dress painted in orange watercolors with two abstract elements

Free Fall

A Homage to Fashion Illustration


Many people without any artistic skills might view classic fashion illustrations as seemingly effortless to pull off. [When I say “classic”, David Downton comes to mind.] Those people would be so wrong. The key to creating a striking piece, I would say, has more to do with just the right amount of restraint. In this Gelatos medium image, which I call “Les Autres Femmes” [The Other Women], I’d be the first to say I didn’t nail it. And there is a story behind it – but that will remain my secret.

Les Autres Femmes

Les Autres Femmes



Okay… I hesitate to comment on this piece. But what is it to worship? Within the pages of my beaten old Webster’s Dictionary, the word “worship” – in part – includes “intense love”.  Given the times, I just have to wonder. More than wonder, I painted this diptych. [Added note: I used Gelatos with water and all depicted was almost entirely eyeballed – without rulers, etc.]

Diptych painted in Gelatos of two ornate windows set against black with red religious symbols


“Gelug-pa” [Yellow Hat]


Among my collection of books on Buddhism, “Tibet” by Michael Willis is a personal favorite for its enhanced colors in the book’s photographs. Tibetan monks can be seen wearing majestic hats, which are shaped like crests and appear as if they are rays of the sun upon their heads. Yet there are also more sobering photos of traditional prayer flags that have been reduced to tatters – although still casting wishes of world peace. This 8″ x 7.5″ was painted with both watercolors and ink.

A Tibetan buddhist monk hat seen against a lime yellow sky and decaying prayer flags

“Gelug-pa” [Yellow Hat]

Melon Matrix


Yeah. Juicy, eh? Both the top and bottom panels of this gouache measure at 7.5″ wide by 5.5″ in height. Melons as muse? Must be a desire for summer…

abstract-surreal gouache diptych of melon wedges with a long screw running from bottom to top


Crossed Pollination


Is there a back story here? The technical one is that this piece is 11″ wide by 7.75″ in height and I painted it using Gelatos, mixed with water. Despite the more lively colors in the elements, I began to sense an imagery of civilization’s recklessness with our environment. [Then, maybe that’s just me.]

Abstract painting of vibrant organic shapes against a black background

Crossed Pollination