Live! At the Green Marble!


I suppose it was inevitable. The time of arrival – when I would no longer have a mutually exclusive relationship with my own works. While I enjoy the kindness and support of my web base, hand rendered art really needs to be exposed to natural light. All of this to say, my own is now up at the Green Marble Coffee House for the entire month. And I would love for you to have a look!

A promotional flyer announcing an exhibit at the Green Marble Cafe, which is titled Riff Raff

September Show at Green Marble



A Return to the Diaphanous Series

Brushwork, Projects Series

In this painting, I have photographer Jorge Badura to thank. Harper’s Bazaar, in their November 2016 issue, called in Badura to photograph an editorial that had featured a group of fantastic, skyscraper scaling, aerialists who took to the skies while dressed in haut coutures.

Hence the title: Diaphanous Scaling [“Gelato” painting, 14″ x 10″]

A Gelatos medium painting featuring billowy skirts in hues of gold and orange that are set against a blue sky

Diaphanous Scaling

Cavalli Captured in “Free Fall”


Rita Ora is featured within “Paper” magazine’s October issue, wearing a Roberto Cavalli dress – which in reality is what I would call a peacock-blue color. While Rita is a sensation, that Cavalli dress just had to taken for my Diaphanous series. And whatever the blue that it is, I rendered it instead in orange. The two alien objects depicted were taken from the same editorial [photographed by Nicolas Moore – no relation] are tracings from Rita’s zig zag bobby pinned crown.

cavalli dress painted in orange watercolors with two abstract elements

Free Fall

Diaphanous Ascent


For Sonia Rykiel’s Spring 2016 collection, Juergen Teller – a photographer who I’ve long considered as phenomenal – produced the looks for the ad campaign. In this gouache triptych, one of Rykiel’s dresses is duplicated. [In part in the top panel and in full, sans model Georgia May Jagger, in the bottom panel.] Floating between the top and bottom panels, a Balenciaga ruffled detail was used.

Gouache triptych with pronounced blues and greens, depicting interpreted designer wear.

Diaphanous Ascent

Diaphanous Companion


I was drawn to a tunic featured in the April 2016 issue of Elle. Although in this painted diptych, I’ve butchered it beyond recognition – with much due respect to photographer Liz Collins and the tunic’s designer, Michael Kors. Furthermore, this garment isn’t actually diaphanous – in that I had taken what was brown suede and then interpreted it in a very different way.

A diptych painted with gelatos depicting vibrant sections of a tunic

Diaphanous Companion

More Haute Couture Cuts


Within this presentation for Dior, my gaze fixated on only the bottom half of their ad. I had been working on a new triptych for my “Diaphanous” series and it seemed to be lacking… something… So, I have to thank Dior for providing me with an answer, found here:

A Dior ad featuring two models, both wearing billowy attire.

Dior Ad for Spring 2016