Wild Abandon

Brushwork, Graphic, Projects Series

Am I ready to break more rules? I ask myself. There are, for argument’s sake, “technical” illustrators and then there are illustrators who master the human form and go on to find a way to express these skills on a more emotional level. And I aspire to fall into the latter category.

Again, I was taken by Ethan James Green’s series of photos for the July issue of Vogue. As I had already depicted the marvelous Raquel Zimmerman, this time I opted for Imaan Hammam who wears Dries Van Noten. Van Noten’s designs are driven considerably by the force of his own palette. For me, I couldn’t tell anyone if I favored his more industrial hues versus his vibrant ones… 


Crossed Pollination


Is there a back story here? The technical one is that this piece is 11″ wide by 7.75″ in height and I painted it using Gelatos, mixed with water. Despite the more lively colors in the elements, I began to sense an imagery of civilization’s recklessness with our environment. [Then, maybe that’s just me.]

Abstract painting of vibrant organic shapes against a black background

Crossed Pollination