Steadman at Midnight

Illustrations, Projects Series

Yes, yeah: I’ve been MIA for quite a while! 

And you may be wondering who is this shock of a man and where are the fetching females of fashion usually posted here? Due to personal exasperation over events from the past week or so, I’ll spare you the dirty details. This sketch of Ralph Steadman – the expression on his face – pretty much tells it all. And what a sinister way to introduce him to my portfolio!

My recollection [which is always up for debate] dates my first reading of “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” at 18 years old. [For the uninitiated, written by the late Hunter S. Thompson, and illustrated by my victim/subject.]  Presently, I am about half-way through “The Joke’s Over”, written by Mr Steadman – this illustrator maestro/batty Brit/global trooper and more than anything else, a kind and decent man whose concern for this planet is beyond measure.

It was Steadman who prompted me to obtain a copy of the Universal Declaration of Rights, which I printed out and keep on hand. I would encourage all who are reading this to print a copy of their own – or, better yet – mail it to Washington. However, I leave it to my readers and Godspeed! 

Ralph Steadman, from “The Joke’s Over”