Seasonal Designs

Holiday art show poster inspired by Max Ernst's "The Postman Cheval"

For this year’s Emporium Holiday Show I went Dada.  While looking at some of Max Ernst’s work, I was drawn to his piece entitled “The Postman Cheval” [1932].  Using the original as a template, I arrived at this design for a promotional poster.  Cheeky of me, I know – but fun.


Cosmic Runner Postcard

Cosmic Runner Poster

With revolutions in full swing, I went very Hippie for this holiday season…  So this is a spin on Peter Max and his earlier work. Shown here, although not ideal for viewing online, are the poster and postcard designs for the Emporium Gallery in Mystic, CT.

A winged woman and an angel in an image centered around a peace wreath

Glimmering Peace

Glimmering Peace turned out to be one of my most coveted works. For me, the element of the peace symbol made from Peacock brushes is the most gratifying – as it was the hardest detail to pull off, but also the most important part of the overall message.


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